About me

Hola beautiful people! I am Puja.

The reason why you are here to read me, is your affiliation towards all good things in Life. This is the same reason why I love writing for you. I write about everything that will inspire you to “Live In Style”.

Well, a few random stuffs about me:

  • I love life and I love to touch lives through my blogs.
  • I have been an image transformation coach since last one decade.
  • Fitness has been an integral part of my life and my daughters inspire me to RUN!
  • I have the most supportive husb in this world! He is the first one to read my blogs and loves them all(Facepalm!).
  • And, I am here to have tons of fun with y’all!

I really hope, you will enjoy this journey with me. This journey of self-discovery and life.

– Puja NVogue