What we do?

Human behaviour finds it sources from beliefs, emotions and knowledge. In order to put the best foot forward, it is imperative for one to have the knowledge of polished projection of self. A person who feels appreciated will be more fulfilled, gratified and productive at whatever he/she does. At NVogue, we believe, that the most effective and innovative workplace soft-skills training should embrace the most contemporary approach to a holistic development of each individual who is part of an organisation.

Corporate Training

A plethora of corporate learning and development program is run by our business coaches and master trainers across the country. Our wide range of training program incorporates Business Development Training, Business Communication Training, Customer Care Training, Leadership Training and Personal Development Training.

Holistic Development is a pragmatic approach to a learning system where physical, social, emotional, mind and spiritual growth is taken care of. A holistic learning in the workplace aims to increase employee productivity and improved employee retention. It empowers employees to gain the knowledge and skills they need to advance their careers, with them in the driver’s seat.

Corporate Yoga: Decreases stress and anxiety and improves productivity. It enables one to acquire a better decision making skills. Yoga increases memory, focus and concentration power. A happier and healthier workforce means less of absenteeism and a great team work with a large amount of positivity in the work space.

Corporate Zumba: Gather up your team and embark on an exciting adventure! Our zumba workshop is a chance to approach employee fitness and wellbeing in a whole new way. An adventure which involves a combination of dance and aerobic movements which help you get fit as well as provide strength and agility training to the participants.

In this workshop, you will be trained by professional Zumba instructor for a session of 90 minute. The session will consist of a series of specially designed moves and rhythmic patterns which will enable the participants to have a healthier way of dealing with stress at work.

Art At Work : Painting events are perfect platforms for teams to socialize and at the same time engage in a creative activity. One of the favourites with our corporate clients is Abstract Art Paintings. Abstract Art is just perfect for employees to set free, the inner Picasso in them along with a great opportunity to rapport building and strengthening team building. The Art workshop can be conceptualized and customized to suit corporate needs like, Expressive writing, Meditative and Zentangle doodling, Mandalas, Nature walks, Calligraphy, Candle Making.

Games and De-Stress Activity : Our business games, training games, training activities and ice breaker games are a superlative addition to the Learning and Development modules. Select from our wide selection of high quality training games and business games from ice breaker games to structure games and games for running a business. They will help make your training course, conference, and colloquium or team building event impactful, appealing and informative.