“In order to love who you are, you can not hate the experiences that shaped you! – Andrea Dykstra

By the title of this blog, you are sure to expect a preachy post, right!? Well, sorry to disappoint you on that. I am only planning to share about MY self-love journey. If you feel inspired, I am obliged!

What does Self-Love mean to you? Self-love may mean different to different people. For some it may be as simple as relaxing in a hot shower or a cup of chai. Some may feel, self-love is, to read the favorite book or indulging into a scrumptious meal. For some it’s that solo-trip in the bucket list. For some it is  just a little “Me-Time”! Self Love has various forms. Yes, you get that amigos. Self-Love is not a destination, but a journey. A journey of agreeing with your flaws. A journey of acceptance and to embrace yourself, no matter what. A journey to re-discover your lost self.

Self-love doesn’t mean you think that you’re the best OR the most talented OR the most beautiful OR the smartest person around! But it definitely IS to appreciate and respect your uniqueness with compassion!

Few day back, I had gone LIVE with a beautiful friend I found, on instagram. Her name is Sofia. The word Sofia, (of Greek origin) means wisdom and true to her name, she inspired me to write down this blog, wherein I can remind myself all the ways to LOVE MYSELF!

Dear Sofia, this blog-post is dedicated to our beautiful conversation of that evening… about our respective journeys of self-discovery, of an unfiltered version of us, of appreciating each other, of inspiring and remain inspired, of allowing ourselves to make mistakes, of NOT trying to be perfectionists, of NOT being apologetic about concealing our acne marks, by makeup/filters/yellow lights, LOLZ… of loving ourselves, no matter what!

 SELF-LOVE for me means:

1⃣ Positive Self-Talk. Be your own cheer leader
2⃣ There’s an inner critic inside each one of us and DO NOT believe in everything that it says.
3⃣ Stop comparing yourself with others. The grass looks greener in the other side, always!
4⃣ Don’t be guilty to exit a toxic situation, people, place or relationship.
5⃣ Celebrate even your little victories.
6⃣ Forgive yourself to be that unique individual. Body Shaming is real, but WHO CARES!
7⃣ It’s okay to not be okay!

 I read this somewhere : “Your soul will never be nourished fully, by anyone’s love but your own!” So true, Isn’t it?

Love Thyself 🙂

Until then,

Obrigada Amigos


Puja Mj

A corporate trainer by the day. A slow fashion campaigner, social media creator and a mindful lifestyle blogger by moonlight. Through her work in advocacy and environmentalism with non-profits like the Slow Fashion Movement and Remake, she has lead multiple campaigns in the landscape of sustainable and ethical fashion, establishing a robust outreach program for the global slow fashion community.