Your Eyes speaks volume- But make it up, to attract the listeners!

” A person’s mouth can lie, but their eyes always tell the truth…” No one can undermine the importance of[…]

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Winter Skin Care – What’s In Your Kitchen?

Hello Beauties! So how is winter treating you? Now listen up you all. Beautiful skin requires commitment, just like a[…]

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Top 6 Tricks For Fall Make-Up

“Autumn. The year’s last loveliest smile.” Melting mascara and smudging kohl, cakey foundation and super-sticky lipstick. Summer days are no[…]

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Top 5 Reasons Why Aloe Vera Is A Magical Herb

Knock Knock! ? Monsoon has arrived!! I always loved rain. Being from Kolkata where monsoon never comes or goes, but[…]

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Office Party Or Office To Party- Instant Glamour Makeover

Office parties are so good. Especially if you had a long working weekends. But office parties or parties that are[…]

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