Office parties are so good. Especially if you had a long working weekends. But office parties or parties that are scheduled right after your office working hours can be a troublesome affair at times. Well, we all know that, this is the best time of the year. Fall season is not just about the beautiful weather and the colours you see in the nature! It is the time when people love to throw parties. Reason: To catch-up with few of your good buy’s from summer-fall collection AND haunting the wardrobe before the winter fashion knocks you down.

But isn’t it a pretty tricky situation for us, if we has to attend a party or a casual chic evening right after the working hours. Or let’s say, an office party right after the working hours is such a turn-off for many, for obvious reasons! How many of you have experienced this situation of getting a ping exactly when you are leaving for work, “Hey! Drop in for a cocktail bash in the evening…”!?

Or you might be knowing about the party earlier but to save yourself from the hassel-bassel of going back home and to dress up for the evening on a working day, you just accept the challenge to get into the party mood, right after the office hours!

Top Tips to rush from office to the party venue, looking stunning:

  1. Always carry your make-up touch up kit and ensure you have a few glossy, shimmery stuff in there, considering the fact that evening parties are all about gloss and glam.
  2. Put a pearl neck-line, broach or a large ear danglers or any costume jewellery piece to accentuate and change the look of the same office attire which you have been wearing since morning.
  3. Keep a LBD or a glistening top which you can pair well with your official skirt/ pants.
  4. A belt that you are wearing can be wore on top of the shirt. Office PaDon’t tug in the shirt if you want to play with the belt on top of it!

Instant glamour makeover after office:

  1. Remove the clips or the French roll or the bun that you may have made with your hair. Flip your hair up-side-down, brushing it well from roots to hair tips. And your hair is all set for a playfulness of the evening party!
  2. Clean your face with a mild face-wash, which I assume you carry in your kit, everyday at work. Use concealer to camouflage any spot on your face. Use loose power to give an even texture to your face.
  3. Now that your face is prepared to add some colour, apply your complexion or bronze eye-shadow on the upper lid and outline your eyes with kohl or an eye liner.
  4. use blusher in sweeping strokes to brighten up your cheeks. A little shimmer need to be dusted over the cheeks and the temples to give a glamourous quotient.
  5. Use lipstick by smudging it on your lips well, to create a base coat. Now apply the lipstick once again on both the lips, but do not over-board the gloss. Use it only in the centre of the lower lip!

Voila! You are all set to rock the party after office hours, may be in the same dress but a completely new rejuvenated look. So ladies, let’s us just love each moment of our life by being an inspiration to many. show the world that you can be all about glam and glow even after, may be one of the worst days at work! Because we are worth it. Until then Obrigada Amigos XO

Puja Mj

A corporate trainer by the day. A slow fashion campaigner, social media creator and a mindful lifestyle blogger by moonlight. Through her work in advocacy and environmentalism with non-profits like the Slow Fashion Movement and Remake, she has lead multiple campaigns in the landscape of sustainable and ethical fashion, establishing a robust outreach program for the global slow fashion community.