Candid Puja
  1. I can start my silly dancing anywhere. Trust me, anywhere!
  2. I feel like a unicorn. Initially I used to feel isolated but now it makes me feel extremely powerful.
  3. I am an Air sign and love my space, liberty and inquisitivity.
  4. I have a razor sharp intuition. Well that doesn’t mean I know everything but my instinct about people, events and situations are SPOT-ON!
  5. I am a quote junkie. Any piece of writing that speaks truth in a beautiful and powerful manner, gets me.
  6. I suffer from STML but my Long Term memory is astonishingly impressive. I can forgive but can not forget.
  7. Breakfast is my favorite meal but I usually forget to eat one.
  8. I am an opacarophile. Yes! I am a lover of sunset.
  9. I am a huge manifestor and surprisingly I didn’t know about this, until I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Mathew Joseph.
  10. I do yoga for mental health.
  11. When I feel anxious, I listen to positive affirmations and Podcasts.
  12. I love learning. I am weirdly curious about unknown.
  13.  I graduated with Psychology in my bachelors, did an MBA and then became a certified Instructional Designer. After which I earn my degree in Training and Development, and by profession I am a Master Trainer in Corporate Etiquette. I learnt digital marketing and fashion publicity, when I started my personal blog.
  14. My love for books started very late, I guess in my mid-20s!
  15. I never lied about my age and I don;t get why people do. I love getting older. I am 38, and waiting to be ‘Naughty Forty’! 😉
  16. I search for meaning and purpose in smallest of things, to an extent that I may judge you for every move that you take in the game of chess.
  17. I love writing because it helps me to process my thoughts. I have a journal, where I jot down anything that comes to my mind and impresses me!
  18. I speak in hyperbole, almost always! I EXAGGERATE while talking, A LOT! 😉
  19. I have a “unique” to walk right past somebody, i know, without saying a Hi!… Because I am lost in thoughts.
  20. I believe, we all are energy and we all have vibrations.

Puja Mj

A corporate trainer by the day. A slow fashion campaigner, social media creator and a mindful lifestyle blogger by moonlight. Through her work in advocacy and environmentalism with non-profits like the Slow Fashion Movement and Remake, she has lead multiple campaigns in the landscape of sustainable and ethical fashion, establishing a robust outreach program for the global slow fashion community.