” A person’s mouth can lie, but their eyes always tell the truth…”

No one can undermine the importance of good grooming.

What happens to you when you decide to groom your appearance? When you improve your looks, an amazing thing happens. Improving here simply means taking care of. All of us deserve to be appreciated, admired, respected, loved. It shows you love yourself. And, nothing like grooming your appearance and persona. Well yes. I intentionally use the word ‘persona’ which means a mask.

EYES are the most important element in our appearance. Not only because ‘eyes are the mirror to our soul’. Your eyes are the first thing anyone notices about your face.

So, Sharpen your eye makeup skills. There a multitudes of ways to define your eyes using makeup, but all that mascara, liner, shadow, contour, and highlight can get incredibly confusing. Here’s how to make your eyes stand out, one trick at a time.

  1. Eyeshadow primer. Quality primer is eminent for your eye’s make-up. If you use a quality primer (I recommend Almay Intense I-Color Liquid Eyeshadow Color Primer #053 ( Buy from Amazon), the eyeshadow will stay for the longest day you are having. It will put through sweat, shower and even the natural oil that is eventually secreted by your under-skin, oil glands.
  2. A good quality eyeshadow. The cosmetic market is flooded. If you are planning to go, buy some stuff to fill in your cosmetic kit, you are going to be confused BIG TIME! There are many eyeshadows out there that hardly show up on the lid. By chance, if they do, they seem to vanish in few hours. I just LOVE Christian Dior Addict Fluid Eye Shadow, No. 545 Phenix, 0.2 Fluid Ounce ( Buy from Amazon). The best part is that the shades go very well with any coloured eye ( or eye lense).
  3. A dab of light color in the corner of the inner eyelid. This is a secret I am sharing. Just ensure you don’t go over-board.
  4. Apply Concealer to Your Dark Bits. Apply three dots of concealer. I suggest you invest in FantasyDay Pro 6 Colours Large Face Press Powder Concealer Camouflage Makeup Palette Contouring Kit #1, (Buy from Amazon)which is ideal for professional as well as every-day use. Start at the inner corner where skin tends to be darkest, then under the pupil and the third on the outer edge.

Making up your eyes, is one of the most important component of face make-up. It is like painting on a canvas with 3D perspective. It is an art! Highlighting the inner eye, brows, application of mascara ( in the right way), curling or spiking of eyelashes and much more in detail, is coming up soon. Until then, Obrigada Amigos!!!

Puja Mj

A corporate trainer by the day. A slow fashion campaigner, social media creator and a mindful lifestyle blogger by moonlight. Through her work in advocacy and environmentalism with non-profits like the Slow Fashion Movement and Remake, she has lead multiple campaigns in the landscape of sustainable and ethical fashion, establishing a robust outreach program for the global slow fashion community.