Top 5 Fitness Politics you must do this festive season

” It is hard to get fit. But it is harder to look at the mirror and dislike what you see”

It is once again that time of the year when, the city is glazing with illumination of diyas and fragrant candles, the odour of incense sticks, and the flavourful “khushboo’ of the new recipes you have started trying to venture in your festivity kitchen. It is also that time, when Marathon is round the corner and you suddenly remind yourself of the promise you made while raising your toast on the new year eve, announcing to the world : I promise! 2017 will see a “Fitter” me. Ahh….So, are you late!? NO!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, my friend! So do not harass yourself, go slow but go. Remember, being fit is always more important than just looking fit. So love yourself, and gift yourself a better lifestyle by improves your fitness quotient which in return, will give you the confidence and positivity in your attitude that will show from your glowing skin!

  1. What is in, shows out!

So, the first thing you think is to keep a control on your diet. Do that but do not stop eating. Eat healthy. By the way, don’t limit yourself to just an increased portion of your fruit salad, or the vegan soup or the juices. Eat that bucket of popcorn, it’s healthy. That bar of black chocolate, the wine in that sexy glass, those pork rinds for your protein craving, the butter to absorb all the vitamins you take, that cheese whiz for your natural trans fats. YASS! All of these are healthy. Drink loads and loads of water. Fitter body, mind and soul results in radiant skin too!

  1. Kill the devil called PROCASTINATION!

The dakshinayan has begun as the sun is romancing the southern hemisphere for the next few months. Getting up early morning can be such a pain, isn’t it? But hey! Remember, that you, in those beautiful choli on the shimmering lehnga. Remember the sashe on you, indication your completion in the marathon. Remember the shower of compliments not only from your “all the time complimenting aunties” but those friends, whom you trust more than your mirror!  AND remember the fitter you, who feels awesome in and out. Start enjoying your workout regime. Working out in any form is purely an indication of self-love. Your workout session, may it be a 30 minutes power yoga, should be your ME time and ofcourse the best time. Compete with your own self and yeah, keep that alarm clock away from the bed side table. Somewhere, where you will have to walk up to snooze and by the time you do that, VOILA! your awake!

  1. Do what suits you!

Psychology has a very important theory called the” Individual Difference”. We all are different and unique in a very special way. Needless to say, we all think differently as well as perceive things differently. Our bodies are different and it’s requirements are different too. Some may run to stay fit, some may just jog and feel good. Some vouch by yoga, meditation and posture correction to feel fit and some are hard core gym enthusiast. DO what suits you. DO what is good for your mind, body and soul. But DO.

  1. Practise in intervals!

‘Despacito’ is the key word hear!! Go Slow. Finding enough time to work out can be a problem for some of us. That is the only reason why, few start but do not continue. Interval training is based on higher intensity work for shorter periods of time. This method is far more time easy to abide by and can offer better results than steady workouts done at one particular speed, everyday. So take a break from the luke warm honey lemon water that you gulp every morning. It will play more effectively on your body.

  1. Motivation is the Key!

YOU are the only reason that you wake up early to go put your running shoes or spread that yoga mat and dhyanam. But there is no harm if you seek to find a workout partner who can train with you. Interaction with people whilst exercising can deviate the brain from the activity and help you go for longer. Set yourself realistic goals over specific periods of time. Enjoy the workout with some good music that feeds your soul. Dance to fitness, play with your swiss ball, go skate in the sun but don’t forget to have FUN!

” Nothing will work, unless you do. So, Let’s Do it Folks ?

Till then, Adios Amigos!